Bye Bye Heart of louve

Once upon a time, a little fashion modasse jeune femme called Laura. This little girl was a muse. Not a muse like “it’s a new daw it’s a new day, it’s a new life…” encore que… No, she was a muse for very famous (et very very very creepy old) singer qui couine since ages “Laura, le temps passe et me remplit de toi.”

Bye Bye Heart of louveBref the little Laura was a star, maybe anonymous star but a star tout de même, but she ne s’en souciait guère. She was a rayon de soleil for her entourage, a spirit guide for fools and model for every parigottes.

One day, after very few dozen of Champomy bottles, she lâcha ses secrets of beauty and success. She confess that she devint our pipiroom leader en exilant her previous sexy and gifted friend Barbichette à l’autre bout de la Terre, telling her that there were naked sexy surfers at the beach non stop, 24/24, 7j/7. Oh she wasn’t very fière de ce petit mensonge, but aux grands maux the big remèdes, et aux grandes plumes the little lies. En même temps on lui en veut pas, because she is very talented and good with a stylo and a clavier. Les gens disaient d’elle que she couldn’t bear the fautes de français and kikoulol speaking.

The Champomy aidant, she avoua aussi that she own a Coeur de Loou in her little under arms pochette, that she never quitte et qui lui permet de win the love of everybody that she croise. “Shame on you I said” complètement outrée., ce n’est pas du game, c’est anticonstitutionnel (sorry there is non available translation in Google for that) “Don’t worry Darling” she répondit, “ that ne marche que pour les people who doesn’t have a Coeur, je les rend better”. That means that les gens qui en ont dans le pantalon n’ont nothing to worry about that. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, heart can be in you pants… Coeur de Loou aussi.

But there were a last mystery to découvre lors de cette famous revelation night. She told me that she will have to leave soon. She couldn’t wait another full moon to abandonner us. Because it becomes too dangerous for nous. Too much alpha-Loou rayonnance pourrait être fatal. Nous ne sommes que des human beings after all. “Oh Why, but why “ will you ask me, mes chers enfants. Because je vous l’ai dit, she is not normale. She is not humaine. She is sortie d’un fairy tale. She is a little fée clochette, a sexy succube, a spirit of goodness. And She has to fuir loin de nous mais pas trop, to répandre sa bonne humeur to d’autres earthlings.

What a drama for us, what a chance for les autres. But that night she promit that she will keep un œil ou deux on us. She told me that on pourra toujours la joindre, maybe même la voir downtown. My heart saigne since I know that. And voyant notre désespoir she gifted another lady to nous soutenir and ove us : little holy Steffi, our new ange gardien.

So as we say abroad : “The redac chef is dead. Vive The redac chef”
Love love love Loou of our hearts. Wherever tu vas te planquer, nous will stay with you.

(cc)  jmtimages

One Response to “Bye Bye Heart of louve”

  • What an émouvant témoignage. Je suis about to cry une rivière my little poussin. Toi gonna miss me très beaucoup as the others Ladies Roomette. But be sûre que I’ll be back for nouvelles aventures with my clutch sous le bras.

    Oh you gonna miss me honey. Thank you for tout. ♥♥

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