Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was a Prince.
This prince became a King
Your kingdom was pop music whom you will stay the king
Genius, everybody thinks it

Once upon a time…You sang beat it, one of your greatest hits
You danced and sang your life like a god
Some people considered you like a god
You embodied the American Dream
Today many of them cried and screamed

They screamed your  name and cried because you left us
We are the world, but you weren’t of this world
But you are not alone even if you are not with us
Maybe you share your second life with angels…

You became a star
But now you live in the sky, plenty of stars
Everybody recognize your genius
Little genius grew up to become a great genius
You died but nobody will never forget you

You tried to change the world of music
Your songs  took part in the music history
Bad, Thriller, Billy Jean will stay in all memories
Neverland seemed to be your paradise

Many of your fan don’t manage to realize
In listening to your music they move their bodies
All the generations know your song and your moonwalk
Your death put an end to a time

Once upon a time…
(maybe this story doesn’t have any end)
Goodbye Mister Pop

One Response to “Once upon a time…”

  • plus qu’une star….Il m’a donné envie de danser, un génie créatif sans limites, une musique de ouf, copié mille fois, jamais égalé….

    The king of pop…n’est pas mort pour autant. Sa musique, ses clips, ses chorés restent dans l’histoire, et dans mon coeur!

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